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I feel a lucky person because I thought that cinematography is the best way to find and express what is my life and my surroundings. It demands to me, allows to be creative and learn a lot about the people and myself.

Iván Hernández González AMC, is a Mexican Director of Photography, member of the Mexican Cinematographer’s Society, AMC. Established in Mexico City, graduated from the National School of Plastic Arts (FAD), and from the National School of Cinematographic Studies (CUEC/ENAC), UNAM. His work is based on documentary and cinematographic work, participating in a dozen feature films, among which two Ariel Awards stand out for: Best First Feature and Best Animated Film. In addition to several awards at both national and international festivals.

His work ranges from naturalistic-realism nourished by photojournalism, to the most stylized and dark exploration in his career, which runs between cinema, advertising, underwater cinematography and television; which has led him to work in the United States, Japan, Spain, and several countries in Latin America. His latest project, “Every Minute Counts”, for Amazon, demonstrates the richness of his photography from the creation of a visual identity of a brilliant style, nourished by deep historical and visual research from the year 1985, in Mexico. In addition, this year he releases his latest film called, Jikuri. Currently, he is collaborating on various film projects, and he works as part of the new Board of Directors of the AMC.

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